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 $ 34.95 (100g tube)

$ 139.95 (500g pump pack)

Kunzea Cream is a double-strength formulation that quickly penetrates through the skin. It contains the natural therapeutic benefits of Kunzea Essential Oil. Apply it to your muscles and joints as required. It also has the dual benefit of being nourishing and moisturising for the skin.

 $ 29.95 (800g bag)

Kunzea Bath Salts is an invigorating blend of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. It will help replenish the minerals and nutrients your body needs to live a full and active lifestyle.

A 20-minute soak may help:

  • Soothe tired muscles
  • Rejuvenate the body
  • Hydrate & detoxify the skin
  • Aid sleep & relaxation

 $ 19.95 (50ml tube)

Kunzea Roll-On is a multi-purpose, non-burning formulation, conveniently packaged in a lightweight, no-mess roll-on applicator for the treatment of hard-to-reach areas of the body. The combination of Australian Kunzea and Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil gives the Kunzea Roll On a fresh and uplifting scent that will help soothe both the body and mind. It is the ideal travel companion when on the move. Keep it in your car, handbag, or gym bag. 




 $ 24.95 (30ml bottle)

A concentrated massage blend that has been scientifically formulated for treating acute conditions and localised areas of discomfort throughout the body.

The combination of several key ingredients, such as Australian Sandalwood and Nerolina, have been included to enhance and extend the natural benefits of Kunzea Essential Oil.

Ideal for trigger point therapy and deep tissue remedial massage. This blend is used for injuries and injury prevention, rather than a full-body massage oil.

 $ 19.95 (10ml bottle)

Aromatically, Kunzea Oil has a pleasant scent with clean, fresh, invigorating undertones. The aroma is often compared to the scent of the Australian Bush.

Therapeutically, Kunzea may have even more beneficial properties than its better-known cousin Tea Tree. In addition, it has a much milder sensation when applied to the skin. Kunzea Oil may also help to reduce pain and relieve inflammation.

Australian Kunzea Essential Oil is best used in an aroma diffuser, bath, massage oil, potpourri, or room deodoriser. As with any essential oil, you should be cautious when applying Kunzea directly to the skin. 

Pure essential oil is mostly used to treat small wounds, minor burns, and fungal infections. Inhalation may relieve sinus pain and anxiety.

 $ 14.30 (250g) – $ 35.20 (1Kg)

$ 132.00 (4Kg)

Food-grade quality magnesium flakes with sea trace minerals – can be used for remineralising filtered drinking water, mouthwash, as well as detox bathing, and foot soaking.

Naturally evaporated magnesium chloride salt from pristine region 3,000m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau (not near populations, mining, or agri-industry).

Laboratory tested in Australia (at ppb, no mercury nor lead detected).

Contains approximately 16% elemental magnesium ions (the highest in the range of magnesium chlorides). One pinch of flakes (half of one gram) = 80mg elemental magnesium per litre of filtered drinking water (to simulate natural spring water).




 $ 33.00 (100ml tube)

Available in Herbal, Island Spice, Zest Citrus and Sensory Gold.

Transdermal magnesium supplement (4 kinds) with 15% food-grade magnesium chloride salt flakes: Use as an anti-aging, hydrating, and protective moisturiser every day for silky smooth skin and a more youthful complexion. For muscle relaxation and recovery, apply before and after a workout. Great in relaxation massage for all ages, including babies and toddlers. Very calming, soothing, and reviving. Supports better sleep. Made with natural and organic ingredients (chem-free). 2 teaspoons deliver approximately 300mg elemental magnesium.

 $ 28.60 (10oml bottle)

Elektra Magnesium Charge Lotion is suitable for skin that needs less fattiness for skin barrier protection, but more magnesium for muscle recovery, such as teenagers, athletes, those doing heavy physical work, or with repetitive stress injuries. Its texture is silky smooth, light, and moisture-attractive thanks to hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid).

 $ 33.00 (18oml bottle)

Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz Formula is a strong formula to be used in the massage of muscles and joints for relaxation of tension! This 60% magnesium chloride formula is a heavy-duty magnesium oil with a refreshing mandarin fragrance. It offers potent high concentration magnesium plus botanical ingredients to enhance absorption, avoiding the sticky irritating residue of straight magnesium oil. 6 sprays deliver a whopping 300mg of elemental magnesium.




 $ 30.80 (100g tub)

This gentle cream is ultra-light for the more sensitive types (as a facial moisturiser for adults), or for baby skin (from one month onward). It offers a relaxing and protective magnesium cream formula for baby massage to promote better sleep and for natural skincare. Helps prevent nappy rash, as well as clear up cradle cap and milk pimples quickly. This gorgeous cream is packed full of nutrition and is as light as angel wings!​ One teaspoon delivers approximately 50mg elemental magnesium.

 $ 15.95 (50g jar)

Blend of natural plant butters and oils infused with magnesium (15% magnesium chloride salts), herbal extracts, and extra neem oil.

Particularly good for dogs or horses with itchy eczema type skin irritations, sandfly or mosquito bites, or nervous system disorders.

Apply to itchy skin to stop scratching and irritating skin. This aids in healing.

 $ 49.95

Available in XS/S/M/L/XL

Posture Medic is specifically designed to help you overcome your poor postural habits and retrain your body to stand up straight with their easy Stretch – Strengthen – Stabilise program.

Check your sizing here.




 $ 77.00

The doTERRA Petal Diffuser is a small, user-friendly diffuser that delivers aromatic benefits to your family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light, making it ideal for night-time diffusion, and can cover up to 30m2. The Petal Diffuser has three-time settings, allowing you to customise the release of essential oils into the air.

 $ 51.00 (120ml tube)

Ice Blue Rub is a rich, topical cream infused with the Ice Blue® Athletic Blend of essential oils. Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and other powerful ingredients, Ice Blue Rub™ provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.

 $ 49.95

The Introductory Kit is a great starting point for those new to essential oils and includes a 5 mL bottle of doTERRA’s essential oils Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.




 $ 24.95

A practical reference guide to using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and all-natural supplements to support dogs and cats. It covers many health conditions and wellness challenges, offering suggestions for supporting healthy body systems, immune response, and cellular health.

 $ 12.95 each

The Spikey Ball has been designed with protruding nodules, which can help increase blood flow helping to decrease muscle tension. They are ideal for the back, neck, and feet and can be used by a wide range of professionals for varying applications.

 $ 9.95 each

Effective self-massaging tool to relieve muscle tension in tight muscles. Great for targeting hard-to-reach trigger points. Use on shoulders, upper & lower back, glutes, legs & feet.

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